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How to carry out a safety inspection of a highway

(IHE approved course leading to registration as a highway inspector)

Four days

Intended for
Those who are responsible for carrying out the safety inspections on a highway network.

A comprehensive practical and assessed course devised to measure the ability of candidates to carry out safety inspections correctly and to enable an authority to fulfil its legal obligations and maximise its performance in carrying out safety inspections. This course has been developed to comply with the Highway Inspectors Board training requirements and to use your local procedures and policies.

Inspecting the highway to ensure the safety of the highway user is fundamental to any system of highway maintenance and an integral part of a claims defence strategy. It is vitally important that those carrying out these tasks have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, the Highways Act, especially section 58 special defence, the COPMM, their local policy and procedures and the factors affecting their own safety whilst carrying out inspections. This course has been devised to address these issues, to consolidate the learning with practical on-site training and to confirm the learning by assessment.

At the end of the course the candidate will be able to

1) Carry out an inspection safely

2) Apply the COP and local procedures correctly

3) Identify highway elements and materials correctly

4) Measure and record defects accurately

5) Initiate repairs appropriately

6) Write a statement correctly

Information required from authority
Local Inspection Procedures and investigation levels
Local Safety Procedure

Facilities Required
A room suitable for training equipped with screen and flipchart. Access to the network for practical assessments

Further Details
For further details, costs and availability Contact info (at) parkhearne (dot) com

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